Grant Funds

Cook County receives grant funds from federal, state, and private agencies for a variety of services. The FY2020 recommended grant budget is $246.2 million in total, including $66.7 million in new anticipated awards and $179.5 million in expected carryover.
Various programs and services are supported by grant funds: 48% of FY2020 grant funds ($118.2 million) support public safety programs, such as the Child Support Enforcement Program and Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), and about 22.4% support Economic Development initiatives.
The County’s grant programs are heavily reliant on federal funding. About 32.2% of grant funds are expected to come directly from federal agencies and 60.1% of funds are federal funding passing through non-federal agencies (like the state of Illinois), making up 92.3% of the county’s grant funds.


An alphabetical list of budget related terms with helpful explanations can be found in our glossary.

Financial Policies

A guide to Cook County's budgeting procedures is available on our Financial Policies page.