Cook County FTE Visualization Guide

Cook County utilizes Microsoft Power BI to display certain data in an interactive format. Many of the visualizations offer the ability to filter, drill down and sort to provide detailed insight. This article will explain how to use the Power BI functions and tools provided to visualize the County’s FTE data. In the screenshot below, the top right and top left corners of the visualization are where the tools and buttons are located on the data interface. Hover your computer mouse over these buttons and other icons will appear  providing a short description. 

Power BI Functions

Top right buttons from left to right:
  • Selecting the down-arrow button enables Drill Mode and allows you to drill down one field at a time. This allows us to select a visual element such as the "Cook County Health" data bar and inspect the data within that field.
  •  The Filter button when enabled displays whether there is a filter currently being applied to the visualization. If there is a filter applied it will display on those fields.
  • The last button is Focus Mode which removes the surrounding panes. this provides a larger view while allowing the user to still interact with the visualization.
Top left buttons from left to right:
  • Selecting the up-arrow button will return the visual to the previous hierarchy level after a drill down.
  • The button with two down-arrows allows you to drill down all fields at once. Unlike drilling down one field at a time, this button will go to the next level in the hierarchy for all fields. 
  • The forked arrows expands all the fields at once in the current view. It will add another hierarchy level to the current view rather than drilling down. This button is most useful when interacting with a table, matrix, or tree map.